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Dish of clotted cream with scones in the background.
Easy Rich Velvety Clotted Cream

Easy rich velvety Clotted Cream is within your reach, even if you live no where near England! This one ingredient recipe will guide you through the easy steps from turning heavy whipping cream into this delectable, must have spread that…

Jar of Microwave Hot Fudge Sauce with a spoon full of sauce dripping down into he jar.
1 Minute, 3 Ingredient, Microwave Hot Fudge Sauce

That’s all it takes, 1 minute, 3 ingredients and a microwave to make this incredible Hot Fudge Sauce! Yes, Hot Fudge Sauce can be made in a microwave, using one dish (Pyrex jug) and a whisk using pantry staples.

Strawberry top vinegar in a mason jar with strawberries scattered around the jar,
Strawberry Top Vinegar

This recipe uses these Strawberry tops and turns them into something magical – Strawberry Vinegar.

Chorizo Seasoning on a sheet of white paper with a small wooden spoon beside it, The spoon contains seasoning.
Chorizo Seasoning

Chorizo Seasoning is so flavorful, it doesn’t have to be reserved just for making pork sausages. See the section below “How to use Chorizo Seasoning” and you’ll discover how versatile this seasoning can be.

Chicken breasts brined and ready to be cooked with a parsley garnish.
Chicken Brine Recipe

Use this Chicken Brine Recipe for all cuts of Chicken and also for all pork cuts, turkey, veal, fish and shrimp that will be quick cooked.

Small mason jar containing Cherry Tomato Jam.
Cherry Tomato Jam

This is a small batch recipe for Cherry Tomato Jam. This Jam is every bit as comfortable appearing as a delicious condiment on a cheese board or taking pride of place at a Slider Bar.

Spoonful of Baconnaise removed from a jar to show texture.

There are many advantages to making Baconnaise, besides its savory, salty, bacony taste and its smooth creamy texture. It serves as an ingredient or a condiment, its versatility is priceless.

Pickled Mustard Seeds served on top of sliced steak, garnished with green herbs.
Pickled Mustard Seeds

Follow this recipe for Pickled Mustard Seeds to create a non bitter condiment that is so versatile, you’ll want to have a jar of it in your refrigerator at all times!


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