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Plate plate containing 4 cooked Irish Pork Sausages with casing, 3 uncased sausage links and 4 sausage patties.
Homemade Irish Style Pork Sausages (Irish Breakfast Sausage)

Irish Style Pork Sausages are delicious, savory and worth every ounce of effort. Tender pork loin, is combined with bacon fat and rusk, then dried sage and fresh onion are added to give these Sausages a traditional feel. These Irish…

Chorizo Seasoning on a sheet of white paper with a small wooden spoon beside it, The spoon contains seasoning.
Chorizo Seasoning

Chorizo Seasoning is so flavorful, it doesn’t have to be reserved just for making pork sausages. See the section below “How to use Chorizo Seasoning” and you’ll discover how versatile this seasoning can be.

Photo of Jager and Wiener Schnitzel
Best Recipe for Schnitzel – Jager or Wiener

This recipe is for a ‘no pound’ pork cutlet that is breaded and then pan fried. Serve it in one of two different styles either Jagerschnitzel / Jaegarschnitzel (J├Ągerschnitzel) or Wiener Schnitzel. Jagerschnitzel is German and is typically a pork…


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