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Jar of Dandelion Jelly with Dandelion flowers and leaves laying around.
Dandelion Jelly

Making Dandelion Jelly is making something from nothing! Fields, lawns and flower beds are full of Dandelions, so why not make this delicious Jelly from them!

Small mason jar containing Cherry Tomato Jam.
Cherry Tomato Jam

This is a small batch recipe for Cherry Tomato Jam. This Jam is every bit as comfortable appearing as a delicious condiment on a cheese board or taking pride of place at a Slider Bar.

Bail Jar containing Cranberry Jam
Simple Cranberry Jam Recipe

This recipe is for a small batch of jam using fresh cranberries, sugar, water and just a splash of orange juice. Spread it on bread, toast, or crackers, add it to a cheese board, dollop it on cheesecake and yogurt….


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