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Instant Pot

Dublin Coddle in a white bowl garnished with bacon and parsley.
Dublin Coddle Recipe (Sausage and Potato Stew)

What is Dublin Coddle? Quite simply, it is a stew made from sausage, bacon, potato and onion cooked in a beef stock. A traditional Dublin Coddle cooks (boils) the meats and root vegetables together.

Up close shot of Braised Pot Roast served with carrots, parsnips and mashed potatoes.
Braised Pot Roast

Is there anything more comforting than Braised Pot Roast? Lean pieces of beef are first seared in hot oil, then stewed in beef stock with root vegetables added. The result is a fork tender, slightly sweetened beef Pot Roast. The…

Cans of Dulce de Leche
Instant Pot One Ingredient Dulce de Leche

One ingredient and an Instant Pot is all that is needed to make Dulce de Leche, a thick, creamy, decadent Mexican caramel.


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